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I Chose The Creative Arts feat. Desmond Dennis (018)

In this episode, I speak to actor/writer/director, Desmond Dennis (@desmondedennis), one of Jamaica’s most talented actors, as we traverse his journey to theatre and his current life as a creative in Jamaica.

10 Signs You May Be In A Frelationship (017)

In this episode, I trackback to a blog post I wrote on '10 Signs You May Be In A Frelationship' and I expound a bit further on this fun but interesting topic.

What's Your Health Status? (016)

In this episode, I ask you what have you done to ensure that you are remaining healthy and continue to remain healthy, but I do this by using my personal journey through a few health issues that I never saw coming, but have chosen to face head-on.

Jamaica Then vs Now feat. Wendel Guthrie (015)

In this episode, I bring my father, Dr. Wendel Guthrie, back to the table, as I speak with him about his experience in Jamaica then versus now. Living in pre-independence Jamaica as a country boy from Westmoreland, to living in a more modernized Jamaica as a professional living and working in Kingston.

The 90-Day Rule feat. Shari-Lee Crooks (014)

In this episode, my friend, Shari-Lee Crooks and I speak about The 90-Day Rule and whether we think it works, doesn’t work, or is even worth it.

Life As A First-Time Mom feat. Stacy-Ann Sutherland (013)

Being a first-time mother is no easy feat. Filmmaker/Director/Producer/Storyteller, Stacy-Ann Sutherland gives us a candid take on her journey to motherhood and her life now.

ME & The Jones' - The Law of Comparison (012)

In this episode, I take you on a journey through the many comparisons I’ve punished myself with over the years, and how I have overcome many and continue to battle others. I explore the big bad ego and individuation as a means to self-actualization.

Loneliness vs Being Alone feat. Marlon Simpson (011)

Associate Clinical Psychologist, Marlon Simpson and I, have a conversation about loneliness versus being alone. Marlon holds a diploma in Ministerial Studies and another in Psychology, a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Theology and a Master’s of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology. After 11 years as a Minister of Religion, with responsibilities of care, guidance and pastoral oversight of a total of 15 congregations over this time, he decided to become a Clinical Psychologist. In this space, he has the ability to further delve into his intrigue with the human mind and exercise his desire to assist others in this vast area.

Personal Financial Freedom feat. Randy T. Rowe - Part 2 (010)

In this episode, I continue the discussion with Business Development Consultant, Randy T. Rowe, about Personal Financial Freedom. We speak about more tips on credit card use, being employed vs self-employed, how much you need to start to invest in the stock market, and so much more.

Personal Financial Freedom feat. Randy T. Rowe - Part 1 (009)

Randy T. Rowe has a compelling story of coming from humble beginnings, but teaching himself about the ins and outs of the stock exchange, and using it to gain wealth. In the episode, he shares with me his journey and many tips to attain Personal Financial Freedom.

The Mind-Body Connection feat. Nyree Coke (008)

In this episode, we go on a unique mental health journey with Nyree Coke (https://twitter.com/Nyree_JA), who describes to me the evolution of her ‘Mind-Body Connection'. We speak about her exercise and diet fads, how she realized she had a problem that needed to be resolved, and how she found her way out of it.

Social Media feat. Akeem Beckford (007)

This episode was recorded at and is sponsored by THE HUB COWORKING. My guest, Akeem Beckford (@KEEM.876) and I, discuss the dos, don’ts, habits, pet peeves and everything in between, of SOCIAL MEDIA.

My Life with P.P.I.L. (Passion Purpose Impact Legacy) (006)

PASSION, PURPOSE, IMPACT & LEGACY (P.P.I.L.) have become the four cornerstones that I use to help guide my life, the decisions I make, and how it has settled me as a human. In this episode, I share personal experiences and desires as it relates to each category and some gems that have guided me along the way, that you may also love.

Sexual Health feat. Dr. Yohann White, Medical Doctor (005)

In this episode I speak to Medical Doctor, Dr. Yohann White about Sexual Health. He uses his background in immunology, as a practicing physician, and experience in his company Para Caribe Consulting to guide the conversation. We tackle general sexual health practices as well as those happening in Jamaica, common sexually transmitted infections (STIs), treatment options, the importance of open communication with your partner(s), physician and regular testing. We even talk about some of the lesser common things that you can contract through sexual activity.

Is Music Deteriorating? Feat. Wayne Guthrie, aka DJ Wayne Greezy (004)

We’ve journeyed through many eras of music that have evoked varied emotions in us, but some always seem to feel the music of the past is stronger. Is music deteriorating? My brother and I talk about music growing up, it’s evolution, and our take on the quality then vs now from our Jamaican perspective.

Colourism in Jamaica feat. Kadija Richards, Sports Psychology Consultant (003)

Colourism is something that has been entangled in the fabric of Jamaican culture from the time of slavery and it still affects us in the present day. Or is it just all in our heads? In this episode, we have a conversation with Sports Psychology Consultant, Kadija Richards, about Colourism in Jamaica.

Are All Vaginas Created Equal? Feat. Dr. Wendel Guthrie (002)

Undeniably one of the most powerful things on the planet, and Jamaica has in no way been shy about idolising it. In this episode, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Dr. Wendel Guthrie, assists me in talking all the truth about whether all vaginas are created equal? From the anatomy of the vagina to ways to tighten it, this episode is a father-son discussion about lady parts that you won't want to miss! This is 'Talk Truth with Mario Evon', where your truth shall become your power and set you free. Music for 'Talk Truth with Mario Evon' intro and outro: Reggae Meets Soul (Outro) - Mario Evon

The Introduction - The 5 W's of Talk Truth (001)

In this our 1st episode we outline the 5 W's of Talk Truth (Who, What, Why, When & Where), to introduce our listeners to the concept of Talk Truth, the host, Mario Evon, and 'Inspir-Edu-Tainment', the overall theme of this podcast series. Sit back and listen to Mario Evon tell you about himself and why he felt this podcast was necessary for the Jamaican landscape. Music for Podcast: Reggae Meets Soul (Outro) - Mario Evon

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